Our first post on the new website

I’ve been so busy trying to get this started when I was doing the Anon plugin someone sent this in


Is Trump going to take back W.H. or wait till the next election?



Answer: No,  he won’t be taking back the White House. Even if they remove Biden, you have the Cackler waiting in the wings. According to my neighbor, Joe (I agree with him), pray for Joe’s health; it could be much worse. 



I do look forward to Trump running again, and then we’ll really show them.


We know all their tricks.


They played all their cards.


That includes RINOS!



Thank you so much for chiming in!  A big thank you to my husband Lee for the excellent birthday present and for giving me back my blog!



God Bless you all, and lets us come together as humans and drop these horrendous narratives. We need one another spiritually and consciously. We are going to learn all about that.



Sarri posts links about the royals. Don’t shoot the messengers.  People are allowed to have opinions within reason.


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