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Sleepy Joe Blames Trump For Afghanistan

Here we go again! The left warmongering ways and China is right in there to make a profit.

As Washington spends its way into bankruptcy with the new infrastructure bill we are headed for another war that will cost taxpayers billions. Of course we will ask our allies to pitch in on the cost of war. This coming on the heels of the plandemic.

We are watching a movie unfold right before our eyes. There are some that have awakened and there are some that will turn away from the truth.

My neighbor and I were talking about the state of our country. He said pray for Joe’s health cause it will get worse under the cackler. He also said, we can’t do anything about it and it will fall on youngsters who will not join the forces to protect the United States. They are all being indoctrinated to hate their country.

It’s so sad that people are giving up. What can I do? Get the message out there, start talking it up and letting you know that there are great things about to happen if we quit fighting one another. We need to think on a spiritual level and become one as humans no matter what your skin color is.

I guess you are wondering why I added UFOs to my list of topics. Its all related my friends. During my down time (medical leave) I was researching and watching documentaries. One thing Kitty told me there were people that are higher up on the food chain involved in the beginning our slavery. I’m not joking either.

In the days to come I will post recommended watching of these valuable documentaries and the connection to our favorite anon, The Alliance. What are they, freedom fighters, insiders in the military industrial complex (MIC), CIA, FBI. Put your tinfoil hats on and take the redpill.

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