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We Demand Full Disclosure

As promised we will dive into the extraterrestrials with links and people to follow.

You’re probably wondering, JD what gives with this nonsense that people laugh at? The Government released footage of ETs UFO and Tucker Carlson reported on it.

This report confirms that ETs are real and we have their ships and their bodies from crashed sites. We also have Nazi ships that we’ve been trying to reverse engineer for years. The coverup was the highest priority in the world and patriots were being assassinated with weird accidents and suicides. I pray for the insiders who have not come out yet.

Dr Greer is credible and so are the insiders that came out to support full disclosure. You can watch this for free on tubi streaming.

Now for your next video to watch and keep an open mind, I don’t agree with everything but should give you a view about our favorite anon. It’s two hours long so get some popcorn and get red pilled. Also on tubi for free. The main stream media doesn’t want you to know that they’ve been on the take for years.

Watch the video too find out where the conspiracy theories came from regarding baby killing, cannibalism and adrenochrome.

Do I believe all of it? I don’t know

I give you the Oregon dry lake bed incident. This came after the ET’s melted down the Nukes in the US and Russia. I don’t believe that these men did this, its too sloppy. Another coverup?

I want you guys to follow this man his analogies are incredible! Praven Mohan on YouTube.

Chakra Vimana

Humanity is much older than they want you to know. Western teaching ignored eastern civilization. It’s our chance to learn more about our ancient ancestry.

We all need to stick together as humans and find our consciousness and spirituality. Stop wars! What we do effects the milky way.

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