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Jan Moir: Another week, and another serving of Sussex syrup…

Oh no! Not the Sussexes again. Each week I hope and pray that Meghan and Harry will somehow manage to stay out of the headlines, cleave to the shadows, enjoy the sacred privacy they claim to love so much — instead of invading it themselves with such startling regularity.

Why? Because I don’t want to keep writing about this pair of prestige-soaked, perma-peeved eco-smugs; this couple dishing it out while lapping it up in their luxury Californian mansion.

I don’t want them inside my head, bleating about climate change and poverty, while taking private jets to play polo. Still!

Or complaining about how hard done by they are; this poor pair of ragamuffins having to scratch out a living on the millions Mummy Diana left in her will.

Without that inheritance, H&M ‘wouldn’t have survived’ they claim. That is rather like saying a squid wouldn’t have survived without water, a bird couldn’t fly without the wind beneath its wings, or a Prince couldn’t bounce without a lovely trampoline of cash beneath his feet.

You mean Harry had to dip into his inheritance? Please God, no! Anything but that.

Within their fortress of privilege, Harry and Meghan have yet to scrape an acquaintance with the economics of the real world, no matter how much we all wish they would.

We also learn this week that they considered naming the royal who made the allegedly racist remark before Archie’s birth.

However, Meghan told Oprah (keep up) that revealing it would be ‘damaging to them’.

If the couple were so upset by this event — which they have turned into an international incident — why wouldn’t they stand by their principles and get the whole thing out in the open?

Instead, they chose the sneaky way, like they always do.

Theirs is the route of the unauthorised biography and the unofficial spokesman, they prefer to leave it to others to pump out their propaganda while they get to maintain a discreet silence. It’s utterly shameless.

And all of it aimed at rocking the monarchy they say they love, but seem to want to destroy.


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