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Watch This! JD will be back soon

It’s true but like we always say, do your own research!

Looks like Covid effects have kicked my ass, my thyroid and vitamin D tanked! PET scan on Friday to see if the cancer is back because I feel like shit, deathly ill.

My husband’s back surgery was not successful, left with pinched nerves. I can’t make this crap up. As I was trying to help him, I went down hill.

A couple more days and I’ll be back in my new office where I will podcast.

I want to thank Sarri for her snarky titles for the royal shit show. Schmeg and Arry are a bunch of narcissist liars, LOL. Keep trying and we’ll keep laughing at you.

Thanks to all the commenters some of the stuff is really funny, keep it up.

LOVE JD! Kitty call me

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