Meghan and Harry

MM and Just Harry Media Deals

IMO, Netflix and Spotify have to put out they are trying to help them. That way, MM can’t sue them for not helping, and they can, in turn, sue them for doing nothing, breach of contract.

That BS they are Royal means diddle squat here in the US. We just don’t care, and most people resent any Royal family. We were created equal under God.

Everyone has the right to free speech, even MM and Just Harry. But when you put yourself out there, you invite scrutiny.

I encourage all of you to keep an open mind. That’s how great ideas happen when we work together. That’s why we have such a great constitution in the US. It took many arguments to come up with the most poetic words written.

Meghan is promoting family leave. I agree with that! My mom has been a waitress at a local landmark for over 50 years, and she had to take care of my father dying of cancer. Hospice shows up once a day, but the family members are the nurse. She never received one penny.

I would say to MM, let the ball roll and listen to what she has to say.

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