Please don’t resent my online store

I know some of you resent me promoting my online store. My husband and I have to make a living and for those who are optimistic about it, thank you very much!

I do have pounds of pre-owned Sterling Silver that I have to post. Owning Silver is a great investment.

Lee and I spoke last night and we are going to get our store at Fleamasters flea market in Fort Myers, FL. We will let you know the address as soon as we get the store set up. If you have sterling silver to sell and live in the Lee County area, we buy it. Also gold

Cherry Earrings


  1. Don’t ever let anyone hassle you for making a living JD, ignorant so & sos. 😡At least you & Lee have got off your butts and used your initiative to make a living. I wish you well beautiful lady. If anyone deserves a break it’s you & Lee. People make me so mad sometimes! xo

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