Meghan and Harry

Do you remember this?

What does this say to you? Harry was pissed that MM was there. Justin Trudeau the Nazi is good friends with Markle. I told you all roads lead to York and these crazy democrats that want to steal your rights away from you. Is Prince Harry one of them now? Who would throw their family under a bus? Markle would.
People close by told me they smelled of beer and cigarettes Rebecca reported that she kept getting up for no reason other than to get attention from photographers. A PR person told me she is gross and disgusting when they met her backstage and she kept talking to herself.
I warned but the press didn’t listen, I was labeled a troll and doxed unfairly. I guess you believe me now. Markle, IMHO stole from the British people when she damn well was headed back to California. Send her a 35 million dollar bill for fraud. I really believe the government can do that.

I want you to remember how badly treated our press was treated by the fake squad. Listen, they are mostly PR goons. Check out Sunshine Sachs reputation for its clients in Wiki. I still have conversations that they sent to Camilla and they were going to throw acid in Rebecca’s face.

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